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Langdon Hair Extensions

Langdon Hair Amy Weir Photography hair extensionsAt Langdon Hair we have 2 Types of Hair Extensions:
  1. Tape – Are applied in salon. Perfect for instant length and volume. 50cm in length and need to be maintained in approx 7 to 8 weeks. These are our semi permanent extensions.
  2. Keratin bonds – Are applied in salon 100% human Remy hair they can be coloured, curled and straightened just like your own hair. They will last you 3 months before they need replacing. These are permanent extensions.
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Our Frequently Asked Questions

At Langdon Hair, we offer three types of hair extensions. Keratin, tape ins and Langdon Invisible Extensions.


Keratin extensions consist of tiny strands of human hair secured by a keratin bond.

When the keratin protein is heated it melts so that the extensions are affixed to your own hair. These extensions resemble tiny wisps of your own hair and are strategically positioned in rows. Thus, they blend right into your hair and no one can tell they’re there! This applies even when wearing a ponytail.


Tape in extensions are individual strands of real human hair, gathered in small sections and secured at the top of a weft with adhesive tape. The adhesive tape is fixed (“sandwiched”) to both sides of small sections of your natural hair. This method of application allows for seamless blending, natural placement, and your hair remains healthy and able to grow naturally underneath.


Langdon Invisible Extensions use an amazing new technique which enables us to attach strand-by-strand the finest hair extensions to fringes, hairlines and even male pattern baldness areas to create an extremely soft and natural look, that is barely detectable in even the most visible areas.


Langdon Hair also offer an exclusive single-donor Premium Russian Hair Extensions range, available in all three methods of application. These extensions are custom made and coloured to order and are just that little bit more luxurious!


Langdon Hair stylists are certified hair extensions experts with the knowledge and experience to choose the right hair extensions for your hair type, texture and colour. Your extensions will be made from top quality European hair which is cuticle intact, meaning your hair will lie flat, be less likely to tangle and will look shiny and healthy.

Hair extensions generally do not cause damage to natural hair. You are however required to take extra care of your natural hair if you plan on using hair extensions for extended periods of time. Make sure to use the right type of shampoo, conditioner, and other hair care products.


Langdon Hair stock a full range of extension-friendly products in salon, and upon receiving your extensions you have the option to purchase an extensions home-care pack valued at $100 which includes a 6 week guarantee for your extensions.


In addition, we highly recommend performing a thorough inspection of the attachments every four weeks. Regular inspection of attachments ensures that you can enjoy your extensions for a longer duration as well as replace or add more extensions if needed.

It is true that extensions take extra work as you will be taking care of extra hair, but provided that you use the correct products the maintenance is not too difficult. Being human hair, you can continue to style your hair in the same way. You can use your regular hair tools provided you use a heat protectant prior. 

Keratin bonds can last up 4 to 6 months with recommended care.

Tape in hair extensions last 6-8 weeks before they have to be removed, retaped and reinstalled. The tape in extensions themselves will last you around 6-8 months with proper maintenance appointments in between.

Langdon Invisible Extensions require maintenance approximately every three weeks. As these are attached so delicately they naturally shed and require an infill, much like lash extensions and acrylic nails do.

Keratin bonds and Langdon Invisible Extensions cannot be reused; however tape ins are reusable for up to 6-8 months if they are properly cared for.


With tape ins, we safely remove the extensions from your hair, clean them, add new tape and then reinstall them.

With over 15 years specialising in hair extensions, our stylists will be able to create a look for you that is discreet, versatile and natural. We will style your hair extensions seamlessly into your natural hair so no-one will be able to detect that you are wearing them at all. 
Upon consultation we will provide a colour match which will include 1 - 4 colours. These colours can be blended together to create babylights, balayage, highlights and lowlights. The possibilities are endless!

No, you can use any number of extensions to add thickness, create a bob, fill in your sides or create colour without having to change the colour of your natural hair.

Before delivering a bespoke hair transformation that's tailor made just for you, we will need to see you for a consultation. There's no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to looking and feeling your absolute best!


A consultation requires a $25 deposit, which is redeemable off your hair extension service.